EPISODE 1 - Ships Lifting Ships
These amazing ships are built to carry floating objects further than they could travel under their own power – damaged ships, oil platforms, massive loads that simply can’t be loaded onto conventional ships. They are among the largest ships if the world.
EPISODE 2 - Ring Crane
Ring crane Mammoet’s PTC 200DS is the world’s largest mobile ring crane. The ring crane is a transportable crane that operates in small spaces but with extremely long reach, ideal for port situations where the space for the base is limited but the need for extension is great.
EPISODE 3 - The Hebron Project
The Hebron project is a plan to exploit a 700 million barrel heavy oil field off the east coast of Canada with the world’s largest oil platform. The Italian company Fagioli was employed to transport the crew quarters from Korea to Bull Arm, near St John’s in Canada, and install all the component parts onto the giant platform. It was a record breaking journey and more than a mega move – it was an epic effort to load the huge structure onto the massive Dockwise Vanguard and transport it all the way across the Pacific Ocean, through the Panama Canal and up the coast of North America.
EPISODE 4 - The Walls of Venice
Although dogged by controversy, the Mose, a system of mobile walls that emerge when the sea is about to submerge the city of Venice, is nearing completion. Moving the actual floating barriers is a job that Fagioli has been accomplishing for several years now, but never before has the company actually laid 19 of them in one session.
EPISODE5 - The Arch of Chernobyl
Subject of a BBC documentary, the new sarcophagus of Chernobyl was completed at the end of 2017.  Two French companies won the contract financed by the European Bank of Reconstruction to seal off the deteriorating  mountain of cement that had been poured over the second reactor of the Chenobyl plant in 1989.  The new sarcophagus  was built at a safe distance from the power station but had to be lifted, and moved.
EPISODE 6 - Ariane 5
Ariane 5 is the largest rocket in operation today. It carries the heaviest loads of any rockets of the present or past and at nearly 60 meters height, is also the tallest.  It is the heavy lift workhorse of space and is built in France under the direction of the Airbus Defence and Space in Toulouse.